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The Barrister had two grist mills on the east bank of Gwynn’s Falls. He also owned a bakery in Annapolis, which was supplied with flour from the Mount Clare mills. In addition to grinding grains that were raised at Mount Clare, Carroll’s mills also were available to grind grain raised by other local farmers.

In 1761, the Barrister outlined some of his terms in a letter to Thomas Ringgold:

“The flower I was making Ready when you was in Baltimore has Been Brought to Town an part of it Disposed of before I Received your Letter. But I have sixty seven Barrels now here which I have Acquainted Mr Joseph Galloway with and Desired Him to send for it and I will have Eighty or one hundred Barrels more Ready for you in a month from this Date. Could get it sooner but am obliged to Finish some work for a Customer whose wheat is now at my Mill…I do not know what to do with Pennsylvania Currency but will take Gold or silver of if it be more Convenient to you will take a Bill at the sailing of the Ships at sixty per Cent Exchange.”

Additional insight into the Mount Clare milling facilities is available from this notice that appeared on August 4, 1789, in The Pennsylvania Gazette:

The Mount Clare Mills (Situate within two miles of Baltimore town, and have water carriage for small vessels to the mill door.) ARE now in excellent order, and will be let, or grind by the year for any person that will contract for a quantity, either for a certain sum per hundred bushels, or for a portion of the grain, as may be agreed upon by the parties. Any persons inclining to contract may apply to THOMAS BROWN, who lives at the mills, and has the management of them. Proposals by letter, directed to Thomas Brown, will be attended to. Baltimore County, Maryland, July, 1789.

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